Greetings my dear friend / my dear friend!


I am very glad that you visited my page and I will have the opportunity to pour out pieces of my soul to you.

Even so, in the unknown and remote.

In this blog you will find paintings, pictures, portraits, landscapes and hagiographies made by my hand - without always knowing how. Of course, my companion in my endeavor and my helper in my projects many times is my beloved Ioanna.

If you like any of my work or want to know more, feel free to contact me via the contact form. I would be very happy to talk. I can undertake portraits from photographs of your loved ones, to hagiographies in my own style but with respect to the depicted person.

see you again
Andrew Piperidis

Η ιστορία μιας εικόνας δείτε.. Εδώ

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